How to merge the convenience of a TV without compromising design elegance

How many times has this happened — after endlessly searching, you’ve finally found that perfect piece of art that ties the whole room together. The one that will sit right above the mantle and bring in just the right amount of blue but also gives that extra pop of color to make it a focal point.

Then your client tells you they want the TV to go there instead.

That’s where we can help! Our art and panel lifts are just what you need to merge the convenience of TV viewing without compromising the elegance of the room design. Our lifts use your long-searched-for piece of art to conceal the TV. At the push of button, the art moves left, right, up or down and reveals the TV for viewing.

Here is our art and panel lift in action:

No room to recess the TV or lift? 

Have a brick fireplace or an area where there isn’t enough room to recess the TV into the wall? No problem! Our new surface mount art lift was designed just for that.

Our latest product brings a revolutionary design to the art lift category. This lift can be mounted directly onto the wall´s surface, so there is no need to recess the unit into the wall. However, it is multifunctional and can be installed either way.

The surface mount art lift is extremely sturdy and quiet with a compact motorized drive. It uses less than 1 Amp 120 volts AC. With simple installation (holes 16" C-C), this lift has an art or panel weight capacity of over 50 pounds.

You can view our art and panel lift here and our surface mount lift here

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