We offer two styles of projector concealing TV lift systems -- full-size, for larger and heavier projectors, and compact, to accommodate most LCD or DLP types.

Product Information:

  • Utilizes smooth, bearing-guided design
  • Does not shake under loud sub-woofer output or air movement because of its tight tolerances
  • Can conceal any projector, provided overhead space allowance (stack height) for the combined dimensions of the projector and bracket plus about 4 inches for the lift's frame
  • Smooth operating and quiet
  • Simply triggered by a relay voltage input
  • Custom travel units are available by special order


  • Marine Grade Aluminum Construction
  • CNC machined components
  • Anodized finish on standard models
  • 110 volt operation (220 volt & 12 vdc available)
  • Upper & lower limit adjustable travel
  • Simple relay interface - switchable 12vdc,120vac,24vac
  • Ultra rigid mount - no shake from Sub-Woofer activity
  • Quiet and powerful performer
  • Power outlet provided for projector hook-up
  • Equipped with a manual operation switch