3 non-convential (but genius) ways to use tv lifts

The majority of our customers use our products to conceal TVs in the living room and bedroom. However, with lifts that are incredibly quiet and compact, there are opportunities outside those rooms and not just for TVs.

In the kitchen while you cook

Have you ever been watching a cooking show on the Food Network and wanted to cook right along with them? Or maybe you really want to watch that evening news segment, but need to start preparing dinner. Well why not install a TV lift right IN the kitchen? Our Pop-Up and Swivel option makes for easy viewing from anywhere in the room or our fold up lift allows for easy concealment under the cabinets for a TV or iPad.

Not just for TVs

Our lifts aren’t just for TVs either. Think of all those kitchen appliances that you’d just rather keep out of sight. Maybe you’d like to hide an induction system underneath the counter. Or that “morning row” of coffee machine, toaster and blender could be kept out of sight but immediately available at the click of a button. The possibilities are endless.

Extra storage in the closet

How often do your clients ask you to wow them with something unexpected? Our quiet but powerful lifts allow you to implement solutions clients some clients could never dream of. Here's an example of a closet solution we love.


Let’s collaborate. We love thinking of non-conventional ways to use our lift products. We’ve found so many uses for our lifts that go beyond the expected. Have you thought of a new way to use our lifts? Let’s brainstorm some interesting ideas for your next project. 

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